• How does Linxus Internet work?

    Linxus Internet uses "Fixed Wireless" equipment to provide internet at your location. A CPE (radio) and directional antenna will be installed at your property in a location capable of obtaining line of site to one of our ground based towers. From the radio a CAT-5 cable will be routed to the interior of your premises where the main internet connection will be installed. We recommend this location to be as centrally located  as possible for the best wireless coverage through-out the inside of the premises. A wall jack will be installed  inside the premises where you will have the option to connect one device or use a wireless router to broadcast the service to multiple devices. Typically any wireless router will work with Linxus Internet but if you prefer, we offer a standard wifi router for free.

  • How is it determined if I qualify for service?

    There are two main factors when checking for service. To move forward with an appointment you must be within our coverage area which is determined by measuring a straight lined distance from our nearest tower to your location. Typically we require you to be within 10 miles of our closest tower and we will use a topology graph to measure possible signal. If it is determined  that we can potentially provide you with service, we will schedule a technician to come on-site to attempt the installation. Your friendly technician will test to all available towers to determine the possibility of Line of Site to one of our towers as we must avoid any obstructions (trees, hills, house's etc.). Assuming that your technician is able to achieve a passing signal, we will complete the install at that time.  If your technician is unable to complete the install, there will be no charge or any further action required from you. We would simply log the appointment in our database for future reference.

  • How long does the installation take?

    A standard installation generally takes around 2 hours to complete but may vary dependent upon the layout of your property and the possibility of additional equipment needed to obtain service. Your installation installation technician will be able to provide a more accurate estimate of time before starting your internet installation.

  • Does weather affect my service?

    Weather will not affect your service even in the most severe storms. If you experience a power / electricity outage then your internet will not work unless you have a battery back up or UPS solution. We Recommend that you connect all electrical devices into a surge protector which should help prevent damage when their is a power surge.

  • Can I use Linxus Internet for online gaming?

    Online gaming is supported but we recommend using a hardwired connection to your gaming console from your wireless router. While online gaming will work over a wireless router on most consoles, you will receive lower latency with a hardwired connection which is imperative with online games. Results may vary between console servers and each gaming host.

  • Does Linxus Internet support streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, DirectTV NOW, etc.

    Video and movie streaming are supported based on the "best for" recommendations of Linxus Internet packages. A smart tv, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, gaming console, etc. would be required for online streaming which would not be provided or sold by Linxus Internet.

  • Troubleshooting Slow Internet

    Slow internet can be caused by multiple issues local to your residence that can be fairly simple to diagnose. We recommend running a speed test with a computer hardwired to your router for the most accurate results. Using a downloaded application to perform speed test or gaming consoles will not always provide accurate results. Plug a computer or laptop directly into to your router and make sure no other devices at the residence are using the internet. Phones, tablets, Ipads and other similar devices can use bandwidth if connected to the router even while not being actively used. Perform multiple speed test with the hardwired device while selecting a different server from the speed test site each time. If possible use different browsers to perform the speed test and try deleting browser cookies and cache. Give at least 30 seconds between each test and let the test complete all the way before starting a new one. If you are still experiencing slow speed results, we recommend you power-cycle the router along with our POE device and attempt the test again.

  • Troubleshooting No Internet

    To troubleshoot a failed internet connection, verify you have not lost power to the router or our POE device. If the power is currently being supplied to the router and POE you should insure all cables are plugged in and tightly secured. Next you would need to power-cycle the router and our POE for at least 30 seconds and check to see if the connection has been restored after a minimum of 5 minutes from re-connecting all cabling.

  • Power-Cycling The POE

     To power-cycle the POE, you will need to disconnect the power source from the POE device. The POE is a small box that is no larger than a standard cell phone and should be located near your router with 3 cables coming from it. There will be two ethernet cables connected to the POE, one should connect to the wall which leads to the radio outside while the remaining cable connects to your router (Do Not swap these cables as it may cause damage to your system along with our equipment). The third cable is the power cable and should be connected to a power outlet or power strip. Disconnect this cable from the power source and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting it. Allow no less than 5 minutes for the equipment and your router to power on and re-sync.

  • Does Linxus Provide TV Service?

    Linxus does support TV streaming services but we do not currently offer TV service directly through Linxus.


  • What is cord cutting?

    Cord cutting is the practice of canceling or forgoing a cable television subscription or landline telephone connection in favor of an alternative Internet-based or wireless service.

  • How to shop for cord-cutting services?

    Linxus Internet is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and offers the information below to help users understand the simplicity of cutting the cord.


    Each offers a different mix of channels, so your first step should be choosing a service that carries your "can't miss" channels and shows. And some of the most important channels are locals, namely ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. Not every service offers all of them in every area.


    Other important factors include cloud DVR and the interface itself. Yes, most of the services above allow you to record and play back shows, just like a traditional cable or satellite DVR, but they often come with restrictions. Some services have a traditional, cable-box-like menu system, while some are more experimental (read: they have a steep learning curve).


    Then there's the multistream issue. If you want to watch more than one program at the same time -- for example, on your living room TV and on a bedroom TV, or the main TV and a tablet -- you'll want to make sure the service you're watching has enough simultaneous streams. Some of the least expensive services only allow one stream at a time, and if you try to watch a second, it's blocked.


    Once you determine the best streaming service for your lifestyle, those services will sometimes have promotions where they will send you a free roku, amazon firestick or other streaming device. If not, you can view the compatible devices on each of the sites. You may already have a compatible device which would be okay too.


    AT&T Watch TV ($15 a month or free with certain AT&T wireless plans)

    Sling TV ($25 a month)

    YouTube TV ($40 a month)

    Hulu With Live TV ($45 a month)

    PlayStation Vue ($45 a month)

    DirecTV Now ($50 a month)



  • My Account is Suspended

    Bills are due every month on the same day as your initial billing date unless a change took place. If your payment has not been received within 3 days of the invoice due date then service is automatically suspeneded.


    Although users won't have access to the internet while in a suspended state, they can still access this website and the Linxus customer portal where billing info can be updated and invoices can be paid.


    If you have submitted payment but your internet service has not been restored, please contact the Linxus Support center by phone, email or chat.

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